Transgender Woman Attacked as Salvadoran Police Refused to Help

Transgender Woman Attacked as Salvadoran Police Refused to Help

Meet Adriana, Survivor from El Salvador

Adriana grew up in Central America, a region which has one of the highest murder rates in the world due to endemic gang violence, but it is lesser known that it has the highest rates of LGBT violence in the world as well. Hate crimes against transgender individuals have continued to rise within a culture of absolute impunity for perpetrators, and deep-seated prejudices towards victims; which is exacerbated by a penal system that does not recognize crimes motivated by sexual orientation or gender identity.

“For many reasons I was forced to leave my country. I was a victim of rape by three men. The police refused to give me necessary attention, and I almost died. The latest incident happened outside my house, where I reported it but did not receive help. I was forced to leave my family, my life partner, my job. The recent murders of trans women has been in great barbarity, consisting of dismemberment and shock torture before being killed. It is why I decided to risk my life and travel to the United States, where so far I have found stability and services which did not exist in my country.” 

Adriana has received counseling, medical care, assistance with her asylum case, and life coaching from PTV’s staff. She also attends PTV’s LGBT Resiliency healing group, where once a week members gather to share stories, jokes, and encouragement with each other as a way to heal from the past and navigate the present. Adriana just received her license as a cosmetologist.

“I feel safer to know I’m not alone in this struggle, and I know that God is with you people who have helped me by taking my case. It gives me a lot more desire to live, knowing I can not forget everything bad that has happened to me in the course of my life, but with PTV’s help I have learned to cope with bad memories and get stronger to achieve my goals.” – Adriana

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The name, image and identifying characteristics of some clients may be changed to protect client confidentiality and the safety of family and friends that still live in the client’s country of origin.