Our Mission



The Program for Torture Victims (PTV) assists the courageous survivors of state-sponsored torture and persecution who have stood up for freedom, equality and human dignity. Since 1980, PTV has helped new U.S. refugees, from over 70 countries, heal their physical and psychological wounds, and start a second life here in California.

The first torture rehabilitation center in the United States, PTV:

  • Helps survivors heal and transition from pain to purpose,
  • Assists with basic needs such as transportation, food, clothing, housing, and language classes,
  • Helps integrate new immigrants into American culture,
  • Works to reunite and re-acclimate families so that survivors can once again become parents to their children and spouses to their wives or husbands,
  • Helps clients navigate the complex and bureaucratic U.S. asylum process,
  • Documents the widespread practice of torture and persecution through reports to the United Nations, the United States and international human rights organizations, and
  • Helps to hold individuals and governments accountable for torture or persecution by providing expert medical and psychological testimony in U.S. and international courts.