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Meet The Kato’s, Survivors From Uganda

My name is Paul Kyambadde Kato. My wife and I are Ugandan and a teachers by profession.

I grew up in an era of war, from the infamous Idi Amin regime to the current regime. Over the years millions of people in Uganda have been hurt, tortured, and killed by the government, and today innocent civilians are still being killed and tortured.

My wife Harriet and I ran a school and orphanage. We built it together. We taught 400 students together. We had to leave them behind. I cannot forget the children I used to help, and I think always of the difficulties they must face every day.

I participated in developmental programs and human rights activities in my country. Because I stood up openly and condemned state orchestrated, human rights abusescorruption, and bribery, I was targeted.

I had no choice but to escape Uganda and found myself in a new world and among the many torture survivors who had entered the safe haven of PTV in Los Angeles. I tell you my story because it represents the stories of so many PTV clients. I arrived here not knowing what to do and how to rebuild my life.

My immigration attorney, Julie Sparks, realized that I was in a devastating situation. I needed medical attention, therapy and counseling before proceeding with my allsylem case. Julie arranged for my first appointment at PTV. I cannot explain the wonderful and warm reception I received from all the staff from the moment I opened their front door.

Through the work of PTV I am now a whole person, standing here, surrounded by wife and our four children feeling safe and knowing that we have a bright future.

The PTV staff made it possible for me to rebuild, recompose and helping me put history behind me, and enabling me to become what I am now.

Being here is like being at home, safe, happy, and surrounded by love. I know I need not tell you about all of my experiences because you KNOW what they were. And you took me in and helped me heal.

As Nelson Mandela said, “There were many dark moments when my faith in humanity was sorely tested, but I would not and could not give myself up to despair.”

If as the saying goes, the body is a temple, then  with the help of PTV, I can rebuild a temple that had been fractured into broken pieces.

My wife Harriet and our beloved children Tekla, Edwin, Martha and Matthew, have a lot to rejoice from PTV’s work.

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