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2015 Annual Report (web)








Our 2015 Annual Report 35th Anniversary Edition includes information about our programs and their impact, our finances, our donors and the background of some of the 270 clients we rehabilitated and assisted in 2015.

2015 Annual Report (web)

2014 Annual Report (web)

2013 Annual Report (web)


Our most recent Audited Financial Statements and IRS Form 990 filings provide confidence and transparency to our donors, contributors and our community stakeholders.

PTV 2017 IRS Form 990

PTV 2016 Audited Financials

PTV 2016 IRS Form 990

PTV 2015 Audited Financials

PTV 2015 IRS Form 990

PTV 2014 Audited Financials

PTV 2014 IRS Form 990


Our Donor Privacy Policy provides full transparency about how we use donor information, the ethics we adhere to and donor’s rights that we strive to protect and honor.

Donor Privacy Policy